Lucas Sabalka's Pictures

These pictures are out-of-date

Here are some pictures of me, my wife Stacie, and some of our friends. Enjoy :)

Here is my favorite picture of Stacie and me, in Paris.

Stacie :)

My high school friends all still hang out even after all of these years; here we are at Christmas, 2006.

Stacie and me at Cape Hatteras lighthouse for our anniversary.

Here we are in Estes Park, Colorado. Stacie didn't like my pose...

Here is Stacie (left) with her twin sister Sabrina in Chicago. You can just barely see my reflection on the giant bean.

Stacie's parents and the two of us in San Francisco.

For my bachelor party, my friends couldn't all go to Las Vegas, so they brought Las Vegas to Lincoln! Here's the guys.

Unfortunately, the gun didn't persuade anybody: I lost $10 in poker that night.

Dinesh, Nuwan, and I are skiing. Or maybe just snowshoeing, like Karen in the background....

Here I am catching a disc playing Ultimate frisbee, my favorite sport.

I play Ultimate with some math people at Davis now, but since I don't have a picture of that, here's one from when I was at UIUC.