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Pedagogy and Professional Development

Projects about teaching, development for teachers.

Members of the department have been involved in a number of significant projects involving teaching and pedagogy.  These projects cover the full range of mathematics, from freshman to graduate courses in mathematics.  They include several that are sponsored by national bodies.

Project NExT

Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is an MAA professional development program directed at new Ph.D.s.  It is aimed at young mathematicians in their first years after graduate school as they make the transition from graduate student to regular faculty member, balancing the responsibilities of teaching, research, and service.  Since its inception in 1994, more than 1000 Ph.D. mathematicians have been project NExT fellows.  The program has been so successful that many MAA sections have set up programs modeled on Project NExT.  The project was co-founded by Dr. T. Christine Stevens.

Prep Workshops

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) sponsors a series of  Professional Enhancement Programs (PREP workshops) to support professional growth for mathematicians at all stages of their careers.  SLU's math department has run a series of online workshops helping faculty across the country incorporate technology into their teaching.

Computer classroom grant

The department received an ILI grant for constructing a computer classroom.  We have used it as a platform for a substantial amount of pedagogical course development, developing course materialsfor eight courses during the period of the grant.  More development has been done since then.

Gap manual

Dr. Julianne Rainbolt produced a Lab Manual for Abstract Algebra with GAP as part of an NSF funded project.

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