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Resources for current graduate students.

Guidelines for Degree Candidates

The following narratives describe the requirements for the Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics:

Some Useful TeX Files for PhD Students

The following TeX file can be used to complete the form to Advance to Candidacy:

 Advance to Candidacy Form

The following TeX files can be used for the PhD dissertation.  These files are set up to adhere to the University's formatting requirements for the dissertation:

TeX File for the Dissertation

"bib" File for Bibliography Portion of the Dissertation

Guidelines for Degree Candidates Seeking Teaching Positions

There are several ways to find out about job openings:

The American Mathematical Society
The Employment and Careers page has many useful links. The main resource for PhD mathematicians is the EIMS employment listing.
Association of Graduate Schools in Catholic Colleges and Universities (AGSCCU)
The AGSCCU has a webpage with information about the association, and in addition the website includes four databases (two for degree candidates interested in teaching/faculty positions, and two for potential employers). The URL is
After reaching the website, the candidate chooses "Searchable Database" from the menu on the homepage, clicks on "Candidates", then clicks on "Enter your Resume Information". This third click displays a formed request for personal information, educational history, and desires pertaining to a faculty position, and the free-text field near the end of the form enables the entry of individualized additional information that might be of special interest to the potential employer.
The intention is to create a substantial cadre of candidate's sketches before opening the website to educational institutions seeking faculty.
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